Funny Things They Say – June Edition

These kids of mine just keep getting funnier (and more creative!)

Me: Let’s wash off your hands.
Brighton: No, I will just lick them, ok?

Our Tall Sunflower

Dash to Dad: I need to pick flowers for Mom, because she was mad at me today.
(this is hilarious, and we have no idea where he picked up this concept, since Dad has certainly never done that.)


Dash: What happens if you eat a seed?
Me: Nothing.
Dash: No! If you eat an apple seed, it will turn into an apple in your throat and you’ll have an Adam’s apple. Dad has one. He showed me.


Dash: Do I have a seed in my arm pit? Like a peach?


(while praying at the dinner table)
Dash: Heavenly Father, please help me me keep my noodles on my fork. Amen.


Brighton: Daddy, do you have a baby in your tummy?
Dad: No.
Dash: Brighton will have a baby. In 17 years!
(I dearly hope this is not true buddy.)


Dash: My new favorite store is the mall. Because it has elevators AND escalators.


Dash: Mommy can’t eat too fast at dinner. Because the food might hit the baby in her stomach.


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