Funny Things They Say – May Editon

This is the May edition of “Funny Things My Kids Say.” Enjoy!

Dash: Pretty soon Dad is going to lose his hair. What day is Dad going to lose his hair?

Funny Things Dash Says - Father's Day edition

Me: Don’t take off your shoes in the car please.
Dash: But my feet were so tired and they couldn’t sleep!


Dash: (referring to his sister’s diaper) If she’s stinky, she sits by Mom.
Dad: Great idea!


Dash: (referring to a nectarine he is eating) Does this have a seed?
Me: No it has a pit.
Dash: It has an armpit?


Dash: It’s a mess in here. [the car]
Me: I probably need someone’s help to clean it up.
Dash: Yeah, maybe Dad’s help.


Dash: Does “neat” mean “cool” in French?


Dash: You’re welcome Dad. You’re welcome Mom. You’re welcome Brighton. I’m welcome too.


(after managing to “make up” some rather worrisome words at the dinner table)
Me: Please watch your mouth son.
Dash: But Mom, I can’t see my mouth!


  1. says

    Hysterical! Out of the mouths of our babes! Especially love the one that Dash believes his sis can sit near you if she has a dirty diaper and dad agrees :)

    Thanks for the giggles!

    ~Happy WW

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