Compact Camera Guide For Moms

This is a camera guide for moms who are looking for a small, compact camera. If you feel like a DSLR is too big, heavy, expensive, or confusing, then you should consider a compact camera that might fit your needs better. Granted, I am still a big believer in learning how to use a DSLR, but these are the cameras I recommend for people who are looking for a compact camera.

A quick word about “compact cameras” versus “point & shoot” cameras: the consumer world has incorrectly lumped anything that is not a DSLR into the point & shoot category. Yes, many basic cameras are so simplified that all you can do is point it at something and shoot. Obviously, this is the type of camera that causes frustration for many parents. But there are plenty of compact/small, cameras that feature extra controls, scene modes, and even aperture/shutter/manual priority modes…they just aren’t cheap. So keep it in mind that you’re probably looking for a compact camera, not just a point & shoot.


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Happy Alligator Smile

November Funny Things

Here’s some of the funny and random things the kids have said this month.

Dash: Does ice melt into water? Why not lemonade?… 

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Exciting Announcement & Christmas Cash Giveaway!

I have a super exciting blog announcement: I’m thrilled to announce that I’m joining the 2015 Creative Team for Yellow Bliss Road! I’m super excited to post some photography tips on Kristen’s blog in the upcoming months. And to kick off the year, the Yellow Bliss Road Creative team is hosting a Christmas Cash Giveaway!… 

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Camera Deals

Black Friday Camera Deals

Are you looking for a camera on Black Friday? Here are the deals I’ve found for 2014! Most of the camera deals for Black Friday are a 2-lens bundle or featured added in gifts, like camera bags or memory cards. Check them out below, and of course, check your ad to see the fine print… 

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Finding The Perfect Gold Foil Holiday Card -

Holiday Cards – Finding the Perfect Gold-Foil Design

It’s time to get those Holiday Cards printed! Pretty gold foil details are everywhere, and I love that little bit of shine! The shimmer of a foil-stamped card is perfect for the holidays. I knew I wanted my family’s cards to be foil-stamped, but I didn’t want it to feel like an afterthought – I… 

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Tips to Make Family Picture Day a Good Experience -

Tips for Making Family Picture Day Easier

This is the season for family pictures! Have you seen this post from last year? Family picture day doesn’t have be crazy and stressful- check out these seven tips for how to make it a good experience!

Funny Things They Say! -

October Things

It’s that time again, where I share all the amusing  (and embarassing) things my kids say.   Dash (praying): Heavenly Father. Please make the leaves turn colors. Amen.

Robin Hood Family Costumes -

Happy Halloween From The Sherwood Forest – Family Robin Hood Costumes

For Halloween this year, we were all characters from the Sherwood Forest: Robin Hood, Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian, and King Richard! The kids loved dressing up as a family, and they were thrilled to tell everyone who we were.

Costume Parade 2014

Halloween Costume Parade

It was so much fun to see results roll in for our Instagram Parade. I’m proud of all you moms for taking those pictures and recording these memories! Years from now you’ll look back on them and remember just how your kids were at this age- with their silly smiles, little personalities, and favorite characters…. 

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Our Family Costumes This Year

Introducing our family costumes this year,

Instagram Costume Parade

Call For Entries – Instagram Halloween Costume Parade

The costume parties are starting, and I know all you moms will be getting “snap happy” with pictures of your goblins and ghosts. This blog is all about encouraging moms to use their cameras, and I want to see your cute kids and pass along some love for your photos! So… Snap Happy Mom is… 

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DIY Frozen Backdrop for Fancy Elsa Photos

Want to take a special picture of your daughter in her Elsa dress? Here’s a DIY idea that is simple and looks pretty in pictures. This Frozen backdrop is easy to put together: you just need white fabric or curtains to cover the wall/floor, and then a pretty snowflake garland. These two things can totally… 

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