Spring Photo Checklist - free printable from Snap Happy Mom

Spring Photo Checklist {Free Printable}

Is it starting to look like Spring at your house? Mine too! I love the feeling of newness that comes with spring, especially all the photography inspiration after a gloomy winter.

If you need help with photo inspiration, I created a spring photo checklist to spark some creativity and ideas for photos! I love capturing the details of a season- the pretty new flowers, the bright green grass, and my feet on that first day I can wear flip flops again! I’m going to work my way through this list over the next few months… want to join me?… 

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How To Organize Your Digital Photos - Snap Happy Mom for Yellow Bliss Road

How To Organize Your Photos

Are you overwhelmed with photos on your computer?

Is your desktop messy with files and folders that don’t have a place?

Are you frustrated because you can’t find pictures that you know you imported already?… 

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How Do You Back Up Your Photos? Types of Photo Storage by SnapHappyMom.com

How Do You Backup Your Photos? Types of Backup Storage

Once you get your photos organized, you want to make sure those photos are saved in more than one location. There’s plenty of things than can go wrong with the original files, so having a backup is absolutely essential! There are different options for ways to back up your photos, depending on what you need…. 

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Understanding Shutter Speed Inside a Camera - With the Slow Mo Guys - SnapHappyMom.com

Understanding Shutter Speed [In Slow Motion Video]

Have you ever seen the Slow Mo Guys on Youtube? They videotape some pretty cool things, which are even cooler 400x slower than normal! I’m thrilled because the Slow Mo Guys just released a video that shows how the inside of a camera works, in slow motion! It’s a great demonstration of how shutter speed… 

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3D Photo Valentines - SnapHappyMom.com

3D Photo Valentines

Want to make 3D Photo Valentines with a cute lollipop?

Pretty Pinwheel Photo Valentines - SnapHappyMom.com

Pinwheel Photo Valentines

I’m so excited to share this idea with you – how cute are these mini pinwheel valentines? Handmade photo valentines are easy, memorable, and fun! These pinwheel cards are perfect for a little girl in your life who loves a chance to wear a pretty dress.


DSLR Camera Guide For Moms

So, you’re a mom who loves your children, and you want to take better pictures of them. You’re pretty sure this means you need a better camera, but there’s so many options out there, that you don’t even know where to begin. You’re pretty sure you need a DSLR, but which one? Nikon or Canon?… 

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New Camera Tips and Tutorials from www.SnapHappyMom.com

New Camera – Start Here!

Did you get a new camera for Christmas? This post has a great suggestions for how to put the strap on your camera, how to hold it correctly, how to put it in the bag, and more! Read it here!

All Classes are 19.99!

Photography Courses – A Great Gift!

Need a last minute gift? How about a photography class? Craftsy.com has ALL of their classes on sale for 19.99 or less! A photography class doesn’t need shipping time to make it under the tree! You can buy any of the Craftsy photography courses as a gift, and have it emailed to the recipient on… 

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Compact Camera Guide For Moms - SnapHappyMom.com

Compact Camera Guide For Moms

This is a camera guide for moms who are looking for a small, compact camera. If you feel like a DSLR is too big, heavy, expensive, or confusing, then you should consider a compact camera that might fit your needs better. Granted, I am still a big believer in learning how to use a DSLR,… 

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Happy Alligator Smile

November Funny Things

Here’s some of the funny and random things the kids have said this month. Dash: Does ice melt into water? Why not lemonade?


Exciting Announcement & Christmas Cash Giveaway!

I have a super exciting blog announcement: I’m thrilled to announce that I’m joining the 2015 Creative Team for Yellow Bliss Road! I’m super excited to post some photography tips on Kristen’s blog in the upcoming months. And to kick off the year, the Yellow Bliss Road Creative team is hosting a Christmas Cash Giveaway!… 

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