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How Do I Get a Picture Of My Child On Stage? [Ask A Photographer Series]

This is the beginning of my “Ask A Photographer” series! If you have a question about your camera, or how to take pictures of your kids, send it to me! I’ve got tons of experience helping moms just like you, and I want to help. I’ll email you back within a day with the answer, and some of the questions will appear on the blog too. Enjoy!

A mom sent me this question on my email:

I just purchased a Nikon D5300 with the kit lenses. My daughter has a violin concert coming up and I really want to take good pictures of it. It is a very large theater so we will be far away from her. The stage is brightly lit. Can you recommend a setting to use?

Also, I’ve heard the 35mm f/1.8 lens will do better in low light. Should I use that lens for pictures in a large auditorium?


Let’s cover your second question first: should you use a 35mm lens in a concert hall?

The answer is probably not: you won’t want to use the 35 mm lens you mentioned in a concert hall. Yes, that lens will let in more light, but it will NOT zoom at all, so your pictures will depend on where you’re sitting and how faraway that is. If you had front row seats you might be able to get a good angle, but a versatile zoom will offer much more options. You will probably be frustrated with a fixed wide angle lens in a concert hall because you won’t be able to change seats and move to get closer, etc, and all your pictures will look the same.

If you had bottomless pockets, you could a very expensive lens that would let in more light AND zoom, but that lens would cost more than the camera you just bought. So, just use the lens that came with your camera, and save the 35mm for indoor photography in your home, where you have an element of control…. 

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